We provide a safe and enriching environment for our faculty and staff so that they can provide our students with their best every day. Teachers are encouraged with the freedom to bring in their own creativity when creating lesson plans and challenged to inculcate integrated learning models within the coursework. To be different than the regular run of the mill, factory churning, commercialized school systems. They are expected to be unique in their approach, to be involved and to truly care about their students, from the brightest to especially the ones that are struggling to grasp a concept.  With regular trainings and workshops conducted by educationists and professionals, our faculty’s skills and knowledge are constantly improved. We are only interested in hiring the most passionate people who are not interested in just a pay cheque, but truly want to make a difference in the life of a child, by giving him/her a solid foundation and guide to a steady life path.

We are a family, here at Unity International School, and we urge bright, talented individuals to join our family and help us raise better citizens of Pakistan.

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