 Small class sizes (maximum 16 students per class).
 Semicircular seating (teacher close to each child; equal attention to all. No front-bencher/back-bencher system as in other schools).
 Attention to each child’s learning needs.
 Building student-teacher relationship (based on love and mutual respect; teachers become guides and mentors).
 Best quality Cambridge preparation textbooks available.
 Question-driven learning.
 Collaboration (Think-Pair-Share, group activities, peer teaching).
 Project-Based Learning (ILM projects; real-life learning).
 Concept-, research- and analysis-based lessons.
 Focus on formative assessment.
 Positive feedback & language for self-confidence.
 Teachers’ Professional Development program (In-school weekly and monthly sessions, plus workshops and seminars by professionals).
 Command over three languages (English, Urdu & Arabic).
 Complete Tarbiyah program (character, morals and values).
 Stress on physical fitness, health and well-being.
 Co-curricular & extra-curricular program (Computers, Arts & Crafts, Sports & Games, etc.).
 Balanced approach to home reinforcement exercises.
 Parental correspondence and feedback.
 Authentic Montessori.
 Complete Quran curriculum.

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