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Without doubt, education enlightens minds, aids human progress, and allows a person to reach new horizons in life. However, without enlightening the heart and soul education is incomplete. We need to provide our new generation with a holistic education system that does not have any void; otherwise they will not have balanced personalities.

Our children have every right to know about their Creator and what He wants from us, and how to lead our lives so that we may attain eternal happiness and peace; it is our utmost duty to educate them about this very frankly. Every child should read the Quran with its meaning at least once in life – that is a founding aim of our school.

Moreover, we at Unity believe that Almighty God gifted abilities and potential to each and every child in abundance; we simply have to discover their skills and abilities and polish them. It is also our duty to give due importance to every child, improve their learning skills and never leave any child as a “back-bencher”, isolated or lost. For us every child is a front-bencher; every child is special, appreciated and loved. Our policy is to provide equal opportunity to each child and never treat anyone in a way that may adversely affect their psychology.

It is sadly observed in today’s world that the subject of character building is considered outdated and unnecessary, whereas at Unity this is our top priority. We must educate them of our cultural values, and lay the foundation of excellence in etiquette, behavior and character. We need our new generation to have strong, balanced personalities that embrace the responsibility of leading not only the nation, but the entire world, on sound footing and in the right direction.


Mustafa Husain Zuberi


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