Workshop 1: Power Management: Understanding management and discipline in the classroom

by Ayesha Khan, Guidance Counselor & Behavior Educationist

What is the most effective way to maintain classroom discipline? Do classrooms need managers? How can you just get your students to pay attention and cooperate? Learn all this and more in Ms. Ayesha Khan’s exclusive power management workshop. She will take you through the stages of classroom management, how to set goals for yourself and your students and how to effectively handle misbehavior or infractions without resorting to extreme measures. Don’t miss this excellent and helpful workshop that will help make your life easier.

Workshop 2: How to motivate yourself and your students

by Mr. Asad Awan, CEO & Head Trainer at ConsultUs

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your work and like you’ve lost the same passion you once had to teach? This energy often transfers to your students as well. Mr. Asad Awan from ConsultUs training will guide you on how to get your groove back through an enlightening workshop complete with interactive activities. Learn professional tips and tricks to
motivate yourself so that you can be the best version of you as a teacher.

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